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findom financial domination Mistress
Feb. 23.

New Year, New Gifts, More Sessions!

My good pets will have noted a slight absence in my online presence during the end of last year. I suffered a personal tragedy and took some time to Myself, but I’m back now and have plenty of fun planned for the next year, including new addictive clips and even whole new websites where you can worship your Goddess! These projects may still be a few months off, but I’m definitely working My sexy ass off on some hot new fetish content for you freaks. you can thank Me now…

But first, here’s what I’ve been doing to My puppets lately…

My little dingbat loser has been toeing the REAL servitude line lately… he got SUPER drunk last year and sent Me around $3,000 in one night, followed by a TON of hilarious pics of himself and a custom clip order. he was late on getting Me My Christmas present this year, but it finally arrived and I got some HOT fucking pics!

he’s a cheap little loser and I drain him every chance I get, so he only had enough for one pair of boots, but they are fucking HOT! They are sexy black and red patent leather thigh high boots that show off my shapely, sexy legs and ass.


I’ve also been playing a lot with sissy fag-cash loser james… I’m sure you remember his pathetic need to serve Me… Well, while I was taking My personal time, he did nothing but message Me non stop LOL! After I came back, I decided to make him wait a bit longer, just because 1. I love seeing you freaks sweat and 2. I don’t NEED the money LOL! When I finally did a session with him, the internet went crazy over this pic that I posted on My twitter of Me teasing him with My big toy… Even got another loser reeled in from this very pic… Can you resist it?

Mistress Kiara Twitter PIc SPH humiliation

Because of all the hype and excitement I caused in little loser james’ panties, he told Me a ‘big secret’ he’s been keeping… he’s been trying to be a ‘bull master’ to raise money for Me on the side LOL! he even has a page on a website called “Penis Size Matters” showing off his little 3-incher, getting slaves even MORE pathetic than he is to send him cash that he then sends it to Me! I can’t fucking believe how hilarious it is! you HAVE to see this!

Ok, I’ve had some seriously pathetic faggot losers worship Me in the past… But those who worship the fag who worships ME!? That has GOT to be the lowest of the low LOL! james told Me that he finally found a ‘dominant daddy’ to empty a condom full of cum into his sissy fag mouth for $20 on cam for Me! I can’t wait to see it happen, and hopefully I’ll be able to record it and sell it here for the rest of My cuckold freaks to enjoy… ;3

Lastly, I got THIS sexy beast of a steel boned corset… I LOVE the way it accentuates My wasp-like sexy thin waist and curvy tits and hips. Gotta love how I rock that hourglass figure! And the way the choker has those cute little strips of leather which accentuate My cleavage even more… Mmmm… I can hear the wallets opening already….

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Femdom Humiliation Humiliatrix
Apr. 06.

Female Superiority is Natural

Today’s blog is about this picture that I saw on My facebook, and it really got Me to thinking… Female Superiority is a totally natural thing. First of all, don’t misunderstand Me. I know full well that it is not a universal thing – there are TONS of inferior women. Yeah, I said it, and you know what? It’s true! Maybe it’s because they just don’t know that they can be superior. Maybe it’s just because they’re not as awesome as Me. But you know what? Even if you don’t want to think about it, female slaves EXIST! So, I say again, female superiority, while I think of it as a natural course, is not a universal thing. Now that that’s out of the way, on to the image!

Female Supremacy Femdom Fetish

Tell Me that doesn’t make more sense than most of the shit you find posted on Facebook lol! Let Me break it down and tell you exactly why I think this is amazing.

1. Females are more aggressive. This is true in a lot of cases. Hell, I know I’m a LOT more aggressive than many males, including the majority of you reading this right now. I power lift, I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I do Judo, Sambo, Muay Thai, and a host of other things that many of the worms that I talk to here couldn’t handle doing, and have no desire to do.

But it’s not just a physical aggression that superior Women show over men. There’s also the sexual aggression, and My favorite, the financial aggression. I want sex, I get it. It’s as simple as that. you want sex, you beg and whine and plead for Me to let you fuck someone or something – be it your girlfriend/wife, your hand, toilet seat, sex doll, etc. And when it comes to money, you work for Me. Sure, you cash the paycheck, but it goes directly into My hands as soon as you turn on your computer.

2. Adult males are even scared of young females. you freaks KNOW this is true – I’m looking at you, old weirdos. you know who you are! I am told daily that My old freaks LOVE serving a hot young Princess. Some of you are twice as old as I am or even older, and yet you’re still terrified of Me. Because you know I am superior, I am far more powerful than you could ever hope to be. I am a sexy, young, powerful Princess and you are an old, useless peon. I take that back, you do have one use… you can amuse Me and make My life easier by tributing and sending gifts, the way any good peon SHOULD make himself useful to royalty.

While I can’t comment on the ‘fathers’ thing, I do know that when you become one of My favorites, I show you the kindness of being less aggressive… Sometimes. Those of you who please Me will realize that I yell less and ‘demand’ less, but that’s because I expect more from you. you have proven to Me that you can be useful to Me, so you will do more for Me on your own, without being told, goaded, forced, or threatened. Make no mistake – My favorites pay FAR more than those of you freaks who meet My bad side…

3. Female penises are larger than males, making mating extremely hard. This one made Me literally laugh out loud! Firstly, I KNOW that even My littlest dildo is bigger than 90% of the freaks who contact Me! Don’t try to deny it, you’ve seen My pics with My huge blue strap on LOL! Need a refresher? Here…

An old picture, obviously, but look at the way that thing reaches down to My knees. Penis envy much? LOL! And about the second part – your tiny dicklet makes it not only hard, but fucking IMPOSSIBLE for you to sleep with Me. Seriously, how are you going to fuck someone who’s laughing too hard to take off Her clothes? LOL!

4. Erect penises are seen as a weakness and so the males present them to females as a sign of submission. This was one of My favorite parts. you DO present you little, erect penises to Me as a sign of submission. you lay on your back, spread your legs, and wiggle that little worm at Me, begging Me to let you tribute Me so you can play with it. And it’s just as vulnerable as the neck of an animal, isn’t it? I can hurt you soooo badly with that little scrap of flesh…

But I’m thinking more than just CBT here… Sure, I can tie it up, smack it, bruise it, beat it, kick it, stretch it, and any number of other wonderfully wicked things I can think up… But what about your pride? I have made some of you literally sob into the phone/mic while in a SPH session with Me. For men, your dick is seen as a measure of your self worth, your pride. But for My little freaks, it’s a constant reminder that you really just don’t measure up at all… And never will. Until next time, puppets…

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