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findom financial domination Mistress
Feb. 23.

New Year, New Gifts, More Sessions!

My good pets will have noted a slight absence in my online presence during the end of last year. I suffered a personal tragedy and took some time to Myself, but I’m back now and have plenty of fun planned for the next year, including new addictive clips and even whole new websites where you can worship your Goddess! These projects may still be a few months off, but I’m definitely working My sexy ass off on some hot new fetish content for you freaks. you can thank Me now…

But first, here’s what I’ve been doing to My puppets lately…

My little dingbat loser has been toeing the REAL servitude line lately… he got SUPER drunk last year and sent Me around $3,000 in one night, followed by a TON of hilarious pics of himself and a custom clip order. he was late on getting Me My Christmas present this year, but it finally arrived and I got some HOT fucking pics!

he’s a cheap little loser and I drain him every chance I get, so he only had enough for one pair of boots, but they are fucking HOT! They are sexy black and red patent leather thigh high boots that show off my shapely, sexy legs and ass.


I’ve also been playing a lot with sissy fag-cash loser james… I’m sure you remember his pathetic need to serve Me… Well, while I was taking My personal time, he did nothing but message Me non stop LOL! After I came back, I decided to make him wait a bit longer, just because 1. I love seeing you freaks sweat and 2. I don’t NEED the money LOL! When I finally did a session with him, the internet went crazy over this pic that I posted on My twitter of Me teasing him with My big toy… Even got another loser reeled in from this very pic… Can you resist it?

Mistress Kiara Twitter PIc SPH humiliation

Because of all the hype and excitement I caused in little loser james’ panties, he told Me a ‘big secret’ he’s been keeping… he’s been trying to be a ‘bull master’ to raise money for Me on the side LOL! he even has a page on a website called “Penis Size Matters” showing off his little 3-incher, getting slaves even MORE pathetic than he is to send him cash that he then sends it to Me! I can’t fucking believe how hilarious it is! you HAVE to see this!

Ok, I’ve had some seriously pathetic faggot losers worship Me in the past… But those who worship the fag who worships ME!? That has GOT to be the lowest of the low LOL! james told Me that he finally found a ‘dominant daddy’ to empty a condom full of cum into his sissy fag mouth for $20 on cam for Me! I can’t wait to see it happen, and hopefully I’ll be able to record it and sell it here for the rest of My cuckold freaks to enjoy… ;3

Lastly, I got THIS sexy beast of a steel boned corset… I LOVE the way it accentuates My wasp-like sexy thin waist and curvy tits and hips. Gotta love how I rock that hourglass figure! And the way the choker has those cute little strips of leather which accentuate My cleavage even more… Mmmm… I can hear the wallets opening already….

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femdom humiliationfinancial domination mistress phone sex fetish bitch brincess
Dec. 16.

Pay For My Dates!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom dreadlocks punk cuck cuckold

Hey again freaks! It’s been a while, but I’m back in action after being very sick and totally busy over the holidays. I was even feeling well enough to go on a date yesterday! What do you think? I know you’re drooling from BOTH heads LOL! All my little pay pigs, cuckold dipshits, and blackmail slave dumbfucks, it’s YOUR JOB to pay for MY DATES! So get to it!

—Tribute Me!—

Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $50Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $100Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $500Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $1000

—Connect With Me—

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3C5E4AZCW0649

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DominaKiara

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femdom humiliationfinancial domination mistress phone sex fetish bitch brincess
Jul. 02.

There Are Going to be Some Changes Around Here…

So I haven’t updated since My birthday, and there’s a good reason for that. Shortly after, an uncle of Mine who had been like a father to Me passed away. It was sudden and completely unexpected. It caught My boyfriend and I so off guard – I was pretty much non functional for a month. Uncle G was a workaholic. He wanted so badly to leave behind a legacy (not to mention an inheritance!) for his ‘kids’ that he neglected his own life in order to make sure that he did as much work as possible. He put up with bullshit form everyone just to make some money to stow away, and he neglected his personal health (having 3 stress heart attacks and a final one that did him in). Frankly, that’s crap.Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom flip off middle finger


So here’s the deal. I am NOT going to be like Uncle G. I am not going to kowtow to any sub with a buck in his hand and his cock in the other. I am NOT going to fulfill your every fetish. I am going to CONTINUE to be the sexy, Perfect Princess that I always have been. And guess what – if you don’t like it, you can fuck off.

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom dreadlocks punk

In the spirit of saying fuck what everyone else thinks, I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do – I gave Myself dreadlocks. They look fucking adorable, and I’m SO happy with them! I’m even more of a sexy punk bitch Princess than before! And if you don’t like it, you can fuck off…


Here’s the biggest thing you need to understand – I’m a financial domination Princess, which means I don’t NEED your money… I just WANT it… I deserve it… It makes Me HAPPY. And THAT is why you serve Me. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDS the money to pay the rent. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDs your tributes to pay Her bills. you want to serve a spoiled bitch pampered Princess like Me. And if our other kinks happen to line up as well, that’s all the more fun to be had for the both of us ;3


Between real time sessions (which I LOVE!), Mistress Phone Sex, Femdom cam sessions, fetish clips that I sell, bratty Princess IM/texting session, and drive-by tributes that I receive, I am rolling in the dough. In fact, I’m going to buy Myeslf a new car this week, just because I can. But all that’s just extra… I am independently wealthy. I don’t need any of it. I just WANT and DESERVE it. So now that you know exactly where you stand in My life (which is NOwhere unless you please Me in some way), let Me lay it on the line for you…

If you don’t like My sexy new dreads, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I do real time sessions, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like My sexy punky style, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I take time out of femdom for My personal life, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m not as tiny as some other Mistresses, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m an opinionated BITCH, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I don’t get involved with the Domme Drama scene, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I charge for My services, you can DEFINITELY FUCK OFF!

Until next time, freaks….

—Tribute Me!—

Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $50Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $100Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $500Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $1000

—Connect With Me—

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3C5E4AZCW0649

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DominaKiara

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findom financial domination Mistress
Jan. 22.

New Year, Better-Than-New Bitch Princess!

Hey there freaks & geeks – the Bitch is back! I know you’re all wondering where I’ve been, and as I’m sure ALL of you noticed (if My inbox full of WHINING is anything to go by…), I took the summer off to have FUN on your dime! I traveled, spent time with family, and partied My sexy little ass off! There will be MANY more journal entries, pictures, and clips about it later, but for now, suffice it to say that I had a fucking BLAST! But I’m  not gonna lie, I totally missed fucking with you freaks LOL!

femdom financial domination Mistress Kiara Pretty Punk Princess

This was also My last semester at the college near Me, so I had to do My damndest at school this fall to make sure all of My grades transferred to the university I’m going to next. So as soon as classes were over, I decided to get back to the fun stuff in life – taking your money! But then I got sick and had to take some MORE time off, and THEN I got a fucking head injury. Seriously, it was NOT My lucky holiday season! But hey, big things are on the horizon, and I can’t WAIT to show you what I’ve got in store for 2014, starting with a new sexy look! Check out My beautiful new hair cut! And look out, freaks and stalkers – I’ll be selling My hair clippings on Ebanned shortly! LOL!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara's New mansion

So I would have been back immediately after New Years (I got out of the hospital on the 4th), but then I decided that you guys were being SO good that I had to treat Myself to something special…. A new house! And not just ANY house… A ‘normal’ house or a ‘mini mansion’ won’t cut it for this high maintenance Goddess! I got Myself a beautiful waterfront 3,300 square foot 2 story house on the water…

Financial domination Mistress Kiara Femdom Suite

…With a detached mother-in-law suite over the garage!

Femdom Mistress Kiara Financial Domination Princess Shower

Check out that sexy shower! And guess what – that’s the DOWNSTAIRS! The upstairs is being redone before I move in, so I only took pics of the downstairs… But it’s got EVERYthing!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara New House Kitchen

Even a kitchen!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom Fireplace

AND a beautiful fireplace! And check out how big that downstairs living room is!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom new House Window View

And check out that view! There’s a fucking LAKE in My backyard!

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom Pool

Not to mention the amazing, indoor, heated infinity pool! It’s basically the best thing ever. I’m SO fucking excited to move in at the end of February! Until then, keep those tributes coming, freaks! I’m paying TWO home payments right now – one for this apartment, and one for My sexy new house!

—Tribute Me!—

Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $50Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $100Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $500Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $1000

—Connect With Me—

Financial Domination Mistress Kiara Femdom NiteFlirt

Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3C5E4AZCW0649

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femdom humiliationfinancial domination mistress phone sex fetish bitch brincess
May. 16.

PTV Page Updated – NEW CLIPS!

So I’m sure some of you noticed that My NF listings are getting WAY too big because of all of the sexy content I have available for you faithful pets. And so when I take new HOT pictures like this one….

femdom humiliationfinancial domination mistress phone sex

There’s no room on My Niteflirt listings anymore! Well fear not, puppets, for your Princess is smart enough to worth through ANY problem! What I’ve done is taken ALL of My PTV buttons and put them on one page – Mistress Kiara’s PTVs! This includes all of My clips, assignments, picture pacts, tribute buttons, and more! I spoil you boys, you know that, right? Now go show Me how much you appreciate Me by going and buying My PTVs and rating them 5 stars!

femdom humiliationfinancial domination mistress phone sex sph small penis

And when you’re done with that, give Me a call! I’m feeling EXTRA wicked and naughty today… If you couldn’t tell from these pics! LOL And of course, you can always contact Me via Niteflirt using any of the links below. Get 3 free minutes if you sign up & call now!

If I am unavailable, then when you click the Niteflirt link below, you will be able to send Me a message and let Me know that you are interested in a call with Me. I KNOW I’ll be hearing from you soon….

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findom financial domination Mistress
May. 13.

Sherlock’s Femdom & My Goth Prom

So first of all, My Birthday was the AMAZING holiday that it is supposed to be, thanks to quite a few of your addicted puppets! I even got enough tributes and gifts to warrant taking an entire week to Myself. Of course, with finals coming up that was bound to happen anyway… I was then bombarded by finals week, but that’s FINALLY OVER! This is My very first FREE DAY of the summer without having to worry about homework, studying, or ANYTHING else, seeing as I’m totally pampered and spoiled by you freaks lol!

On my mini vacation, I watched the BBC Sherlock in its entirety. I was VERY pleased to see that there was a female Dominatrix in one of the episodes! And, of course, She stumped Sherlock worse than any other adversary! I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but She was amazing!

Much like your Princess here, “Irene Adler” from the show is a total fox and knows how to use Her body to get what She wants! She stumps Sherlock with the sheer act of being sexy, almost completely breaking the protagonist. She even changes his ringtone to something to always remind him of Her lol! I know many of My puppets have done similar things with their desktop backgrounds, startup noises, and screen savers. Maybe I should release a ringtone for you weirdos as well LOL!

There are some who claim that the end of the episode is a ‘feminism fail,’ due to the fact that Sherlock ends up saving the day, and the lovely Irene as well. But really, he would NEVER have done that if he wasn’t wrapped around Her little finger, and I HARDLY see using boys dumb enough to fall for Me as a failing on MY end… lol!

financial domination princess goth femdom mistress kiara

But for now, I’m off to Goth Prom Night at a local club lol. I’m sure I’ll come home with a sexy man or woman who’s WAY better than you freaks! I bet all My cuckold losers are drooling at the very thought, aren’t you…? LOL! Bye dumbasses!

—Tribute Me!—

Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $50Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $100Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $500Tribute Financial Domination Princess Kiara $1000

—Connect With Me—

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findom financial domination Mistress
Apr. 09.

Princess’ Birthday is Coming….

That’s right, freaks! Just a couple short weeks and your Princess is going to celebrate Her birthday! In fact, that’s where I’ve been! Well, not entirely. I went away for Spring break, which was AMAZING! I went to Kentucky to visit My grandmother (on your dime, of course!) and had a blast! But of course, some ASSHOLE on the plane kept coughing THE WHOLE WAY HOME, so I got sick again. Fucking dumbass.
After a couple weeks of being totally sick, I went to New York as a special Birthday present for Myself. I just got back yesterday, and I loved every minute of it! I didn’t go to NYC, went to Rochester for a judo meetup. And, of course, I did wonderfully!

But let’s get to the point here, freaks. My Birthday is April 20th and I will NOT be disappointed! At Christmas, you freaks did ok, but ‘ok’ is nowhere NEAR good enough! This year, I expect MANY more gifts and tributes. So what are you waiting for, loser? you can just buy Me something from My amazon wish list of course, or ALL of My tribute links can be found below, so NO EXCUSES! That means YOU, blackmail losers!


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Femdom Humiliation Humiliatrix
Apr. 06.

Female Superiority is Natural

Today’s blog is about this picture that I saw on My facebook, and it really got Me to thinking… Female Superiority is a totally natural thing. First of all, don’t misunderstand Me. I know full well that it is not a universal thing – there are TONS of inferior women. Yeah, I said it, and you know what? It’s true! Maybe it’s because they just don’t know that they can be superior. Maybe it’s just because they’re not as awesome as Me. But you know what? Even if you don’t want to think about it, female slaves EXIST! So, I say again, female superiority, while I think of it as a natural course, is not a universal thing. Now that that’s out of the way, on to the image!

Female Supremacy Femdom Fetish

Tell Me that doesn’t make more sense than most of the shit you find posted on Facebook lol! Let Me break it down and tell you exactly why I think this is amazing.

1. Females are more aggressive. This is true in a lot of cases. Hell, I know I’m a LOT more aggressive than many males, including the majority of you reading this right now. I power lift, I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I do Judo, Sambo, Muay Thai, and a host of other things that many of the worms that I talk to here couldn’t handle doing, and have no desire to do.

But it’s not just a physical aggression that superior Women show over men. There’s also the sexual aggression, and My favorite, the financial aggression. I want sex, I get it. It’s as simple as that. you want sex, you beg and whine and plead for Me to let you fuck someone or something – be it your girlfriend/wife, your hand, toilet seat, sex doll, etc. And when it comes to money, you work for Me. Sure, you cash the paycheck, but it goes directly into My hands as soon as you turn on your computer.

2. Adult males are even scared of young females. you freaks KNOW this is true – I’m looking at you, old weirdos. you know who you are! I am told daily that My old freaks LOVE serving a hot young Princess. Some of you are twice as old as I am or even older, and yet you’re still terrified of Me. Because you know I am superior, I am far more powerful than you could ever hope to be. I am a sexy, young, powerful Princess and you are an old, useless peon. I take that back, you do have one use… you can amuse Me and make My life easier by tributing and sending gifts, the way any good peon SHOULD make himself useful to royalty.

While I can’t comment on the ‘fathers’ thing, I do know that when you become one of My favorites, I show you the kindness of being less aggressive… Sometimes. Those of you who please Me will realize that I yell less and ‘demand’ less, but that’s because I expect more from you. you have proven to Me that you can be useful to Me, so you will do more for Me on your own, without being told, goaded, forced, or threatened. Make no mistake – My favorites pay FAR more than those of you freaks who meet My bad side…

3. Female penises are larger than males, making mating extremely hard. This one made Me literally laugh out loud! Firstly, I KNOW that even My littlest dildo is bigger than 90% of the freaks who contact Me! Don’t try to deny it, you’ve seen My pics with My huge blue strap on LOL! Need a refresher? Here…

An old picture, obviously, but look at the way that thing reaches down to My knees. Penis envy much? LOL! And about the second part – your tiny dicklet makes it not only hard, but fucking IMPOSSIBLE for you to sleep with Me. Seriously, how are you going to fuck someone who’s laughing too hard to take off Her clothes? LOL!

4. Erect penises are seen as a weakness and so the males present them to females as a sign of submission. This was one of My favorite parts. you DO present you little, erect penises to Me as a sign of submission. you lay on your back, spread your legs, and wiggle that little worm at Me, begging Me to let you tribute Me so you can play with it. And it’s just as vulnerable as the neck of an animal, isn’t it? I can hurt you soooo badly with that little scrap of flesh…

But I’m thinking more than just CBT here… Sure, I can tie it up, smack it, bruise it, beat it, kick it, stretch it, and any number of other wonderfully wicked things I can think up… But what about your pride? I have made some of you literally sob into the phone/mic while in a SPH session with Me. For men, your dick is seen as a measure of your self worth, your pride. But for My little freaks, it’s a constant reminder that you really just don’t measure up at all… And never will. Until next time, puppets…

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