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Apr. 09.

Princess’ Birthday is Coming….

That’s right, freaks! Just a couple short weeks and your Princess is going to celebrate Her birthday! In fact, that’s where I’ve been! Well, not entirely. I went away for Spring break, which was AMAZING! I went to Kentucky to visit My grandmother (on your dime, of course!) and had a blast! But of course, some ASSHOLE on the plane kept coughing THE WHOLE WAY HOME, so I got sick again. Fucking dumbass.
After a couple weeks of being totally sick, I went to New York as a special Birthday present for Myself. I just got back yesterday, and I loved every minute of it! I didn’t go to NYC, went to Rochester for a judo meetup. And, of course, I did wonderfully!

But let’s get to the point here, freaks. My Birthday is April 20th and I will NOT be disappointed! At Christmas, you freaks did ok, but ‘ok’ is nowhere NEAR good enough! This year, I expect MANY more gifts and tributes. So what are you waiting for, loser? you can just buy Me something from My amazon wish list of course, or ALL of My tribute links can be found below, so NO EXCUSES! That means YOU, blackmail losers!


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